About Us

Hello chefs!

Chef Ruben is a small business located in Delaware, USA. The purpose of this site is to expose kitchen lovers to inexpensive and unique items they've might have never seen before. These items are focused on Kitchen Gadgets and Tools.

We buy items straight from the factory to ensure the lowest possible prices, and our quality control team picks the highest quality products for you - our customers. This means amazing products without the expensive price tag.

Our team members have a variety of jobs and hobbies, ranging from taxi drivers, chefs and dog trainers to entrepreneurs, quality inspectors and even computer programmers and security engineers.

If you're going to browse our collections, you'll see that all of our passions are reflected into the products we sell!

Because we are a progressive small business based in Delaware, USA, getting feedback from our customers is greatly appreciated.

Our goal is to give you a five star experience and anything less is not acceptable.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our site let us know! We are also open to future product ideas! So what are you waiting for? Browse among our products!